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Yes, Kate at the In Gate has always been my perspective behind the lens, but I have also built a community of people who ride, work, struggle, thrive and show up for honesty. And for that reason, Kate at the In Gate is a platform for riding with chronic illness, owning a horse and running a business, having a size 10 body, and finding a way to show up for yourself each and every day!




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I am a creative and there is little I love more than the opportunity to combine my passion for horses with my creativity. Kate at the In Gate has allowed me the opportunity to collaborate with brands to design unique pieces that represent the equestrian lifestyle in a world of so many additional identities. 

Consumers are calling for diversity from their favorite brands more than ever and they're making their purchasing decisions based on representation. I have used my platform to speak candidly about my struggles & victories, and in doing so, I have created a community of horse girls experiencing many of the same things. I am excited to work with brands to connect them with my audience. 

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